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iWallet is an online payment service platform for merchants and individuals to securely make and receive payments. iWallet works like a aggregator which has integration with various channel of payments including some mobile money channels.


This is jar purpose is to reduce the boilerplate when it comes to integrate a custom built application based on any JVM family language. The class library exposes via a single class all the useful consumable web methods according to iWallet wdsl contract. All


Currently the this class library exposes one class with the following methods:

  • mobilePaymentOrder : Method to make payment with extra features like QR code relevant for iwallet cruize app to complete payment
  • processPaymentOrder : Method to make payment to iWallet
  • confirmTransaction : Method to confirm the payment process after all operations have succeeded on both sides
  • verifyMobilePayment: Method meant for mobile payment to call iWallet in order to check on the status of a transaction
  • cancelTransaction : Method to cancel payment if your side of operation did not succeed. This initiates a refund proceed if iwallet was the payment channel
  • checkPaymentStatus : Method to check status of payment made with third party payment channel line MTN etc.
  • cancelAndConfirmTransactionResponseParser : Helper method for parsing returned error code during cancel of confirm transaction call.
  • getPaymentService : Helper method for getting properly configured payment service Object with required header as per specification
  • getHeaderList : Helper method for building list of PaymentHeader required by iWallet wdsl specification
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