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Slydepay PHP Connector

You can sign up for a Slydepay Merchant account at


It's recommended that you use Composer to install Slydepay PHP.

$ composer require slydepay/slydepay-soap

This will require Slydepay PHP and all its dependencies. Slydepay PHP requires PHP 5.6 or newer.


This is how you would process a payment with the Slydepay PHP Connector


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Slydepay\Order\Order;
use Slydepay\Order\OrderItem;
use Slydepay\Order\OrderItems;

// Instantiate Slydepay
$slydepay = new Slydepay\Slydepay("merchantEmail", "merchantSecretKey");

// Create a list of OrderItems with OrderItem objects
$orderItems = new OrderItems([
    new OrderItem("1234", "Test Product", 10, 2),
    new OrderItem("1284", "Test Product2", 20, 2),

// Shipping and tax pulled either from ini/properties file. Hard coded here for illustration
$shippingCost = 20; 
$tax = 10;

// Create the Order object for this transaction. 
$order = Order::createWithId(
    "no comment"

try {
    // Make request to Slydepay and get the response object for the redirect url
    $response = $slydepay->processPaymentOrder($order);
    echo $response->redirectUrl();
} catch (Slydepay\Exception\ProcessPayment $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();


To execute the test suite, you'll need kahlan.

$ kahlan


$ php pathtoproject/vendor/bin/kahlan