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SolutionName extension for Visual Studio for Mac

This extension shows current solution name in the Visual Studio for Mac dock and app switcher (Cmd-Tab) tile.

Helps navigating between multiple projects.

How it looks

More screenshots here.

Preview builds

The repo now has Github actions configured to build each commit in preview/* branches and pack an extension and attach it to the action job.

This should help making minor changes and ensure that the package is built from the actual Github source.


Download .mpack file from Releases

Then install it in Visual Studio for Mac > Extensions... > Install from file...

Other notes

To update .mpack file, update version:

  1. Compile in Release
  2. Run bash script:

To fast apply any changes to this extension you can follow these steps:

  1. Add any changes to SolutionName/SolutionNameRenderer.cs to change app icon view;
  2. Run SolutionName.PreviewApp (macOS app);
  3. When VS4Mac will update application icon you can update new app icon for PreviewApp via script: SolutionName/SolutionName.PreviewApp/

IMPORTANT: Changes in SolutionNameRenderer are shared with extension logic.

Helpful links:

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