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  Full SDK Cross-Platfrom samples

This repository contains samples of using Xamarin FULL SDK Nuget packages

Xamarin.Agora.Full.Android NuGet Badge

Xamarin.Agora.Full.iOS NuGet Badge

Xamarin.Agora.Full.Mac NuGet Badge

Xamarin.Agora.Full.Forms NuGet Badge

also contains a basic sample for Agora WebRTC

Running samples

  1. Run app on any 2 devices

  2. Enter same room name on both devices

  3. Click Join button

Quick Start

  1. Prepare Agora App ID, you can follow Obtaining an App ID instructions to get your App ID.

  2. Replace the following empty string with the corresponding App ID:

        public const string AgoraAPI = "";
        public const string AgoraKey = "<AgoraKey>";
         protected const string AgoraKey = "<AgoraKey>";
        vendorKey = ...

What's Inside

In this repository you can find OneToOne Communication apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Forms and Web


Xamarin.Forms iOS

Xamarin.Forms Android

Xamarin.Forms MacOS

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