I/O Recipe library that supports Windows.Storage APIs and runs on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.
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Windows.Storage API for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 developers

With the Windows.Storage namespace now available on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, we created this library to provide a simple, straightforward async way to do common file operations without having to use the lower-level API calls everytime we wanted to open a file or look at the contents of a directory.

All the methods are static so simply include this using statement:

	using DreamTimeStudioZ.Recipes

and then call your desired methods. Here is an example of how to read the contents of a data file written by your app, "myfile.txt", into a string variable:

StorageFolder ourFolder = IORecipes.GetAppStorageFolder();
StorageFile myFile = await IORecipes.GetFileInFolder(ourFolder,"myfile.txt");
string myFileContents = await IORecipes.ReadStringFromFile(myFile);

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This source code is distributed free of charge and is licensed under the MIT license.

Create a file in the specified folder

	public static async Task<StorageFile> CreateFileInFolder(StorageFolder storageFolder, string fileName)

Create the specified subfolder in the app's root storage folder

	public static async Task<StorageFolder> CreateOrGetFolder(string folderName)

Delete the specified file from the specified folder

	public static async Task<bool> DeleteFileInFolder(StorageFolder storageFolder, string fileName)

Get the root folder for storing files created by your user

	public static StorageFolder GetAppStorageFolder()

Get the installation folder for the current app. This is used to retrieve data files you've bundled with your app as opposed to data files created by your user.

	public static StorageFolder GetAppInstallationFolder()

Get the names of all the files in the default folder for this app

	public static async Task<List<string>> GetDocumentFiles()

Get a list of names of files whose filename ends with the specified extension

	 public static async Task<List<string>> GetDocumentFilesOfTypeFromFolder(StorageFolder storageFolder, string extension)

Get a StorageFile object for the specified file in the specified folder

        public static async Task<StorageFile> GetFileInFolder(StorageFolder storageFolder, string fileName)

Get StorageFile objects for all the files in the specified folder

        public static async Task<IReadOnlyList<StorageFile>> GetFilesInFolder(StorageFolder storageFolder)

Load XML from a file into an XDocument structure

        public static async Task<XDocument> LoadXmlDocumentAsync(StorageFolder storageFolder, string filename)

Read the entire contents of the specified file and return it as a string

        public static async Task<string> ReadStringFromFile(StorageFile f)

Write an XDocument to the specified file in the specified folder.

        public static async Task SaveXmlDocumentAsync(XDocument xmlDoc, StorageFolder storageFolder, string filename)

Deserialize an arbitrary object from an XML string

        public static T SerializeFromString<T>(string xml)

Serialize an arbitrary object to an XML string

        public static string SerializeToString(object obj)

Write the specified string to a file overwriting all its previous contents

    public static async Task<bool> WriteStringToFile(StorageFile f, string data)