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Learn AngularJS

This is a sample project, where I am going to explore and experiment different web functionalities with AngularJS core capabilities.

The base of the project is taken from Pro AngularJS book by Adam Freeman (published by APress).

I am going to extend the base solution with new functionalities and change existing implementations to make it more complex and challenging.

Please feel free to send the Pull requests with specific comments, I will evaluate and accept the changes. I do will come up with parking lot items, which community can pick up and can start contributing to the project.

Even though the project is created from ASP.NEt MVC Project template in Visual Studio, I removed all Microsoft referred DLLs to make the project independent from any platform.

To give you guys a feel, this is how the home page will look like -


Happy Coding!!!



  1. Added Sort functionality using Two Way binding directive
  2. Integrated Github Continous Integration with Azurewebsites -


  1. Added One time binding for Product List
  2. Added Cart Factory
  3. Implemented Add to cart/Remove from cart functionality
  4. Added Cart Summary Directive
  5. Enabled CORS on AzureWebsite through Web.Config

11/20/2015 Part-2

  1. Added Checkout Summary
  2. Implemented ngRoute


  1. Upgraded to AngularJS v1.5.0-beta.2
  2. Implemented ngAnimate


  1. Added Shipping Details Form with Validation
  2. Implemented Order Processing and Thank you View
  3. Added separate WebApi project


  1. Integrated GetAllProducts EndPoint with Web Project
  2. Implemented Admin View with Products and Orders Views
  3. Created API Endpoints for List of orders


  1. Orders API integration with Admin Orders
  2. Delete All Orders API EndPoint
  3. Handled OPTIONS requests at Application BeginRequest level