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Dreamo is a real-time, biosensor and music driven video generator. We designed it to be deeply customizable, but still approachable using the default configuration.

Visit to learn more.

Repository for "Dreamo" project | Polytechnic of Turin |.

Current team Francesco Cretti, Giovanni Bologni, Nicola Ruffino, Andrea Gambedotti, Lorenzo de Luca.



  • [Processing 3 or higher] (
  • "Minim" library installed on Processing ( Processing -> Sketch -> Import Library... -> Add Library... -> Search for "Minim" )
  • "ControlP5" library installed on Processing (same way as Minim)
  • "Grafica" library installed on Processing (same way as Minim)
  • Java 8 or higher


Download the latest unstable Dreamo release, with "Clone or Download"->"Download ZIP"


If you want to know more about using Dreamo or developing code for Dreamo, keep reading this readme.

Video plotting

Here follows a generic description of the classes of the program:

  • Particle is the core visual-object class, from which a great number of different classes can be inherited (particles, stars, bubbles, squares...).

  • Scene includes an array of particles and manages their update and drawing on screen.

  • Stage includes an array of scenes and manages the passage from one scene to another.

Audio Managing

  • DSP is a static class containing digital signal processing methods
  • AudioManager manages the input stream properties
  • AudioProcessor manages the samples buffer and does common calculations (FFT, xcorr,...)
  • FeaturesExtractor is a superclass with utilities methods for features extractors
  • actual features extractor are inherited from FeaturesExtractor and contain the actual computational methods (ex: Dynamic, Timbre...)
  • Audio Decisor calculates the "status" of audio and extract parameters useful for graphic generation

By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. To learn more, you can write to