RouteLocalization is an MVC and Web API package that allows localization of your attribute routes.
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Looking for the ASP.NET Core version?

Go to the aspnet core branch.

The addon for simple route localization

RouteLocalization is a lightweight extension for Asp.Net Mvc / Web Api attribute routing to enable simple route localization.

It can be installed via Nuget:

What can RouteLocalization do for you?

RouteLocalization has the following features:

  • Allows localization of your attribute routes with fluent interfaces
  • Localized routes are culture sensitive - that means if you request an english route, the thread culture is set to "en", if you request a german route it is set to "de", etc.
  • Link generation is culture sensitive too - if you generate a link for a specific action the corresponding translated version for this url is generated, if existing

Where to start?

Read the Getting Started document section.

Examine the sample projects: