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Bulk Upload Audio for Memrise

This script uploads chinese audio for words that don't have any audio uploaded in any course to which you have editor access

Set up

This script has the following requirements:

  • python 3
  • libraries:
    • requests
    • tempfile
    • sys
    • subprocess
    • multiprocessing
    • lxml

You must also make a file in the root directory of your script called '' and create a python dictionary of your cookies. It should look something like this:

cookies = {'_sp_id.7bc7': '06d67edb75b999999.1466999953.100.1555544393.1234573782',
           '_sp_ses.7bc7': '*',
           'csrftoken': 'nxIto89I10jvMe45lt5xBJ8xnQkWayh3',
           'fbm_143688012353890': '',
           'fbsr_143688012353890': 'bGMeJtlEkaCEISsa4th4J1-FvygfuhFgBuu7qnnS1M.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',
           'i18next': 'en',
           'sessionid': 'xrxg3zofonxnfmf5gfdgv5444defa71'}

If you need help finding these details, you can get this through chrome. Just go onto memrise, then on the Chrome browser and open the database for the course that you want to upload audio to. Once there, click the three dots on the top-right of the browser and go to More Tools --> Developer Tools. A window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click the Application tab on that window. On the left you'll see a folder called Cookies. Expand that folder by clicking the triangle to the left of that. click What appears are your cookies. Format them as shown above. If you don't see a folder that says https://www.memrise.comand only see then it's because you're reading these intructions right now and found the cookies for Go back to the database for your course on Memrise and find the cookies there.

When formatting, do not forget the closing brackets, quote marks, or colons. Each one is important and if you miss one the script will surely fail.

To run the script

type python **database_page**, where **database_page** is the url of the first page after you go to your course's database

For example: ipython

This will add audio to any words that are missing it for the course This course's database page is