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Chrome Tools (n1ckn4m3 Fork)
Chrome Tools is a collection of scripts that support users of Google's Chrome
Browser and the Chromium Project. These include: - Updates or installs the latest Chromium Browser. - Exports and imports custom search engines.

The Chromium Project is the open source branch of Google's Chrome Browser.

Chromium has a continuous build system that produces updates far more often than
nightly. This can provide quite a challenge for the bleeding edge enthusiast.
There are many scripts out there that help facilitate this. This is the only one
that extracts the revision number from apps Info.Plist to decide whether or not
to update. For this reason it is considered to be the best.

Recent build history can be found at:

More Detail:

n1ckn4m3 - 07/09/12:  Automated killing the existing Chromium process and then restarting the browser after the upgrade.