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Drip Custom Dynamic Content Weather Demo

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This is a demonstration of how a backend API might look to integrate with Drip's Custom Dynamic Content product feature.

This API assumes a subscriber with a custom field called zipcode, which is then translated into a response containing the weather for that location.

Dark Sky© API Key

You will need to obtain a Dark Sky© API key here: https://darksky.net/dev/account

This will be passed into the server via an environment variable called DARK_SKY_API_KEY.

Running via Docker

docker pull getdrip/custom-dynamic-weather
docker run -e "DARK_SKY_API_KEY=abc123" -p 8080:8080 getdrip/custom-dynamic-weather

Running directly

Download the code with Go:

go get -u github.com/DripEmail/custom-dynamic-weather

Assuming you have Go and the associated tools installed locally, run DARK_SKY_API_KEY=abc123 go run main.go.

Building Docker container

You can build a Docker container with docker build .. Then run docker run -e "DARK_SKY_API_KEY=abc123" -p 8080:8080 1234567 where 1234567 is the hash returned from the build.


Via cURL:

curl -v "http://localhost:8080/api?subscriber%5Bzipcode%5D=55401"

Example response:

  "apparentTemperature": 51.57,
  "cloudCover": 0.48,
  "dewPoint": 43.6,
  "humidity": 0.74,
  "icon": "partly-cloudy-night",
  "ozone": 295.5,
  "pressure": 1020.55,
  "summary": "Partly Cloudy",
  "temperature": 51.57,
  "time": 1541697515,
  "visibility": 8.52,
  "windBearing": 67,
  "windGust": 3.78,
  "windSpeed": 3.58