Test the Rescue system

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To test the Rescue image on your machine you will need the Rescue image and a USB stick/thumb drive.

Print out a copy of this page and the Encrypting Page for reference.

Download the Rescue Image

 gunzip RESCUE32.img.gz  (windows users will need to use 7-zip)

Transfer the Rescue image to the USB stick.

Linux: dd if=RESCUE32.img.gz of=/dev/sd? (/dev/sd? is the USB stick base device node, no number)
Windows: use Win32DiskImager from sourceforge to write the image to the USB stick

Boot the USB stick, you should be booted into a linux system. Login as root, there is no password. The image is a Linux system that contains sedutil-cli, linuxpba, BIOS32-x.xx.img.gz and UEFI64-x.xx.img.gz. When you get the root prompt enter:

#sedutil-cli –-scan
#sedutil-cli –-query /dev/sda <== chose an OPAL compliant device

You should see output similar to the example output.

You can either activate the locking while running on the rescue disk or reboot and activate it on your real OS.

It is recommended that you keep a copy of the rescue disk and a printout of the managing page available until you are comfortable that sedutil is functioning well on your system.

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