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A Web Application built using MEAN (MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs, Nodejs) for the sake of learning new technology.

Resources for learning Express, Mongo and Node

The links below should provide a good understanding of how to build applications with Express, MongoDB and NodeJS.

Resources for learning AngularJS

The link below also teaches you how to retrieve data from a RESTful API (such as Express). Very helpful.

A set of videos for understanding how to use AngularJS. The exercises and videos only cover front-end with Angular, there is no back-end. I found these videos to be quite helpful.

Tutorial on consuming RESTful APIs / requesting JSON data with AJAX


In order to start building this application, we must find a way to obtain data for teams, rosters, and more through an API which returns JSON. Some possible resources for this are shown below:

Sample data

The link below contains some JSON data I am interested in rendering with AngularJS through an Express/Node API:

If you put the JSON into a beautifier, you will notice it contains data for all the players in the Pittsburgh Penguins team, denoted in the URL by PIT. Here is a subset of what the data looks like:

    "position": "Center",
    "id": 8471675,
    "weight": 200,
    "height": "5' 11\"",
    "imageUrl": "",
    "birthplace": "Cole Harbour, NS, CAN",
    "age": 26,
    "name": "Sidney Crosby",
    "birthdate": "August 07, 1987",
    "number": 87`

The above is a dataset pertaining to one player on the team. In fact, we can grab data for any team by editing the URL and placing the team name inside. For example:


In the future, we can easily construct the URLs for getting all of the JSON for all teams by substituting the team name with one of the following:

   ['ANA', 'BOS', 'BUF', 'CAR', 'CBJ', 'CGY', 'CHI', 'COL', 'DAL', 'DET', 'EDM', 'FLA', 'LAK',
   'MIN', 'MTL', 'NJD', 'NYR', 'OTT', 'PHI', 'PHX', 'PIT', 'SJS', 'STL', 'TBL', 'TOR', 'VAN',
   'WPG',  'WSH']

With this data, the goal for this project is to:

  • Build the RESTful API with NodeJS + Express to retrieve data for a team, store it in mongoDB. Data will not necessarily have to be parsed, since the format is nice and we will actually render all of the data.

  • Use AngularJS to retrieve the data from our RESTful API and render it.

  • The rendered view would look something like this: Example, where you can see the JSON pasted above is rendered (The image mugshot, the birthplace, age, number, etc). Ideally we would render each player's stats on a page for each team. For now, we just need to render a single player's stats and then we have a good working example of the MEAN stack.