Repository for a github powered application built using the MEAN stack
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Repository for a github powered application built using the MEAN stack. The following features are planned:

[X] Create modules for viewing statistics on a repository 
[ ] Build meaningful graphs using D3 
[ ] Ability to export reports to PDF
[ ] Unit testing using Mocha/PhantomJS where applicable
[ ] Centralized Issue Tracker
[ ] Repository Subscription Manager
[ ] Integrate application with Bitbucket API

A more detailed set of current tasks can be found here: task list.


After cloning this repository, the first step is to install all dependencies.

git-technetium$ npm install
git-technetium$ bower install

NOTE: If you are on a Mac, you will need to run sudo npm install.

Getting Started

Inside of your Github account settings, please register this application in order to obtain a client_id and client_secret. This will allow you to make up to 5000 requests per hour, and allows for quicker testing. For help on registering an application, see this link Once you have obtained these keys, modify config.js as shown below:


Useful Libraries / Links

  • istanbul - JS code coverage tool.
  • karma-runner - Powerful test runner supporting several testing frameworks.
  • async.js - A library with powerful functions for dealing with asynchronous code.
  • pdfmake - A client/server-side PDF printing library.
  • QUnit - A powerful JavaScript unit-testing framework.
  • UnitJS - Another powerful JavaScript unit-testing framework.
  • mocha - A JavaScript testing framework with powerful testing features.
  • D3 - A JavaScript library for using documents as data. Useful for a wide array of graphs.
  • PhantomJS - A headless WebKit with a JavaScript API, useful for testing with frameworks such as Mocha.
  • Git API - Github API.
  • Bitbucket API Console - A web console for interacting with the Bitbucket API.