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Pokemon GO API
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PHP Pokemon Go API

Pokemon API PHP. Not finished at all so far.

Supports request signing.


Pokapi can now solve captchas if you provide a Captcha-Solver. A class for is built in:

// Solver
$solver = new AntiCaptcha("your_api_key_here", "PoGo_site_key");


// The checkChallenge function will now try to resolve a possible captcha automatically with the provided resolver.
$result = $api->checkChallenge(); // FALSE on no capture, TRUE on resolved. Exception on failure to resolve.

You can implement your own resolvers by implementing the Solver interface.

Hashing Server

Pokapi now supports the use of a Hashing Server, see Usage.


  • PHP 7.1+
  • php-xxhash extension
  • 64-bit PHP
  • Hashing server if you want to use the latest version (0.57.2)


To install with Composer

composer require sjaakmoes/pokapi


// PTC Account
$authentication = new TrainersClub('username', 'password');
$position = new Position($latitude, $longitude, $altitude);
$deviceInfo = DeviceInfo::getDefault($uniqueDeviceId);
// Version  
$version = new Version\Latest(); // 0.57.2 - You need a hashing server for this one.  
$version = new Version\Legacy(); // 0.45.0  
// hashing server  
$hashProvider = new Hashing\Pogodev("your_api_key_here");  
$api = new API($version, $authentication, $position, $deviceInfo, $hashProvider);  
// Initializes like the real client
// Accept ToS
// Execute operation
$getPlayerResponse = $api->getPlayerData();
$mapObjects = $api->getMapObjects();