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What is Grail?
Grail aims to be a complete engine for developing old school point-and-click
2D adventure games. It aims to be screen platform- and resolution independant
and easy to use and to extend.
Read more about what grail is and what it aims to be at
Under Linux
First make sure you have all the development libraries listed in
doc/dependencies.txt installed.
Change your working directory to the directory that contains this README file
and type:
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"
Obviously you need cmake for this to work. For library dependencies refer to
The code should compile and run under Windows as well though due to the lack
of a package manager its lots more work to collect all the dependencies,
install a compiler and so on. When the code is mature enough for release we
will publish ready-to-run binary files for Windows.
The demo application is located in the demo/ folder.
Change your working directory to the directory that contains the demo folder
and type (after compiling):
runtime/grail_runtime demo/
Don't expect too much yet, its all still WIP.
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