Ground Control Station for Android Devices
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preet90 and billbonney Streamlining App Bar (#1876)
* removed left right margins from the main/flight activity to make the app bar full width
* reduced the height of action bar
* Set the height of textview and framelayout
* action bar toolbar with different size for landscape
* reduced the size of app bar in landscape view
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Tower is a Ground Control Station (GCS) Android app built atop DroneKit-Android, for UAVs running Ardupilot software.

Google Play Store

Usage Guide

The wiki has some basic documentation (Help us by making it better!)

For help, visit the Tower Discuss forum.

Tower beta

Droidplanner 3.0 beta screenshot

The next version of Tower is under development, and we would love your help with beta testing. To join the beta:

  1. Access and download the beta through
  2. Post your feedback in the Tower Discuss forum. We want to hear what you think!


Tower is in active development. If you would like to contribute to the project, see the Build Setup wiki page.

If you aren't a developer but want to help out, you can do so by improving the documentation in the Wiki or by writing user guides.