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  • How can I use this app? Just plug a telemetry link and hit "connect"; here is some extra info.
  • Is my device supported? The development is mainly done on the Nexus line of devices; for other tablets the best way to discover is by experimenting. Here’s some extra info.
  • Where are the "virtual sticks"? They’ve been removed from this release because of safety concerns, but they’ll be re-implemented in a future release. (In fact the code is all there, we just hid the button.)
  • Where is the follow-me function? Same as above. But when it gets added back it'll have some extra features.
  • How can I add ROI, Loiter and Return To Home waypoints? We changed the way those objects are managed in the program, so we can have extra functionality on the mission editor (like the new survey tool). But by doing this we have to re-do a lot of the work that was done on DPv1.2. We will incrementally add the other types of waypoints in coming weeks (you’ll receive automatic updates).
  • How can I plan a mission, and then save it to a file to upload to the drone once I get to the flight location? That function has been removed for the first DPv2 release, for the same reason as the question above. But it'll be re-implemented soon.
  • I want to use this with "board/drone X," but it doesn't work. What should I do? The app development is supported by 3DRobotics, so we restrain our support to their products. That doesn't mean that other platforms don't work with the app, it just means that we don't provide that support. The code is open-source, and you are welcome to make it usable with your product (in fact we have accepted some modifications to support other platforms in the past).
  • Why are some of the flight modes of my plane not showing correctly? This release is aimed at copters; support for planes will come soon.
  • Can I use this app for commercial purposes? Yes, you can. Just make sure you understand the requirements of the GPLv3 license we use (in summary: any changes made to the code must be made public, under this same license). Here is a direct link to the code, if you want to start a fork.
  • I want to join the development, what should I do? If you want to help in the code-base go through this guide. If you don't want to code there is still a lot to do, like: Reporting/Cleaning/Managing our issue list, helping others at the support forum, or making a donation (see below).
  • How can I make a donation to support the development? If you want to help but can't do the items above, consider making a donation via PayPal
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