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A multilayered drone and airspace managment system.

Top Layer:

Web interface for visulasing drone locations and tasks, along with task managment Goals for compleation:

  • Show current location of drones with interpolation of position (based on speed and heading)
  • Show current tasks in a list, as well as in a map view
  • Issue new tasks by clicking on the map and selecting a task type

Managment layer

Middle layer arbatrating between the web interface and the drones handles tasks as well as task assigment Goals for compleation:

  • have a task list of arbatary tasks with there metadata
  • Handle task asigment to drones in an effective manor
  • Monitior and assign tasks to drones based on current status (distance battery life ect...)

Drone managment daymon

Middle layer is spun up for every drone and handles Managment layer to drone layer one task at a time

  • Handle comunacation from the Managment layer
  • Holds data about the drone including state position battery status ect...
  • Handles single tasks for drones

Optional area denyance module

  • connects to common drones over wifi and 3dr modules
  • Commands them to land and turn off or other area denyal tenqueks
  • Protcting an area from others