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Displeger web

Breton verb conjugator - web interface

This project is an interface for the data in the displeger-verbou project :

It uses Symfony 4, with yarn, bootstrap and jquery as front technologies. It has a backoffice for easy editing.

Set up the project with Docker

Prerequisite : docker, docker-compose, Makefile

Simply execute the following commands:

make start make install

To compile the assets when you change them, execute : make assets

The website is then accessible at http://localhost:8000

Set up the project without docker

Prerequisite : php, composer, mysql, node10, yarn

Clone the repo and execute :

composer install

yarn encore dev

Set up you databse info in the .env file and execute :

bin/console doc:da:cr

bin/console doc:sc:cr

You can then import the database dump that is located at docker/database/displeger_dump.sql.gz

Launch the server with

bin/console server:start


Translation is managed by Weblate Please contact the developers to add a language.

Database entries

You will find all the database entries here:


The project has a Discord server, if you want to help or come to talk about the project: