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composer require droxyum/supinternet-orm dev-master

Create new connection to database:

$Connection = new \ORM\Connection(host, database, username, password);

Create new EntityManager:

$EntityManager = new \ORM\Entity\Manager();

Create new Entity "Post":

class Post extends Entity {
    const TABLE = 'posts';  //Table name
	protected $id; //Id field (primary key)
	protected $title; //Title field
	protected $content; //Content field
	public function setId($id) { 
		$this->id = $id;
	public function getId() { 
		return $this->id;
	public function setTitle($title) { 
		$this->title = $title;
	public function getTitle() { 
		return $this->title;
	public function setContent($content) { 
		$this->content = $content;
	public function getContent() { 
		return $this->content;


Insert new post:

$Post = new \Entity\Post(); //New post
$Post->setTitle('My post title'); //Insert title
$Post->setContent('My post content'); //Insert content
$EntityManager->persist($Post); //Insert post in database

Update post:

$Post = new \Entity\Post(); //New post
$Post->setId(5); //Insert post's id
$Post->setTitle('New post title'); //Insert new title
$Post->setContent('New post content'); //Insert new content
$EntityManager->persist($Post); //Update post in database

Remove post

$Post = new \Entity\Post(); //New post
$Post->setId(5); //Insert post's id
$EntityManager->remove($Post); //Update post in database

Find post

$PostsRepository = $EntityManager->getRepository('Entity:Post'); //Get post repository
$PostsRepository->findAll(); //Find all post in database

Find with relationship

// New entity
class Category extends Entity 
	const TABLE = 'categories'; 
	protected $id; 
	protected $name; 
	public function setId($id) { 
		$this->id = $id;
	public function getId() { 
		return $this->id;
	public function setName($name) { 
		$this->name = $name;
	public function getName() { 
		return $this->name;

// Entity post created (Juste NanyToOne relation is available)
class Post extends Entity {
    // ...
    protected $Categories; 	 // Join field on \Entity\Category
    public function __construct() {
        $this->Categories = new ManyToOne($this, '\Entity\Categories'); //
    // ...

$PostsRepository = $EntityManager->getRepository('Entity:Post'); //Get post repository

//Find all post in database with relationship
///!\ 'doRelations' must be an array 
$PostsRepository->findAll(['doRelations' =>  ['Category'] ]);

Create new methode in repository

class PostRepository extends Repository { } 

Add new methode count

public function count($params = [])
    $Select = new Select(); //New Select request
    $entity = $this->Entity; /Get current entity
    $sql = $Select->select($this->Entity->getAlias())->from($entity::TABLE)->toSql(); //Select all fiels, from current entity (use table name with '$entity::TABLE') and get sql request

    $executeParams = [
        'type' => 'SELECT', //Specify request type
        'sql' => $sql, //Specify sql request
        'fn' => 'Count' //Return function 'count'

    //To do relationship if they are specify in $params
    if(!empty($params['doRelations']) && is_array($params['doRelations'])) {
        $executeParams['doRelations'] = $params['doRelations'];
    //Return result of query (return 'fn' returning if isn't null or false)
    return QueryBuilder::execute($executeParams);

$execureParams parameters:

  • fn: Exist (return true or false), Count (return number of rows)


/!\ Methodes can be chainned

  • $Select = New Select; //Request type select
  • $Update = New Update; //Request type select
  • $Insert = New Insert; //Request type insert
  • $Remove = New Remove; //Request type remove
  • For more information -> check source code at \Orm\QueryBuilder\
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