Simplex representation of molecular structure - a chemoinformatic tool for calculation of simplex descriptors
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Simplex representation of molecular structure - a chemoinformatic tool for calculation of simplex (fragment) descriptors

Simplex - tetraatomic fragment with fixed topology and stereo configuration.
Simplex descriptor - number of identical simplexes in a molecule.
From the version 1.0.0 fragments of any size are supported (not only simplexes).

1. Calculates descriptors for single compounds, mixtures, quasi-mixtures and reactions (all-in-one tool).
2. Supports incorporation of user-defined atomic properties (e.g. partial charges, H-bond donor/acceptor, etc) in generated descriptors.
3. Works extremely well in QSAR/QSPR modeling tasks.

This version calculates only 2D descriptors.

No installation is needed. Clone or download and unzip and launch from the command line.

Python version
Only Python 3 is supported.

Basic example - returns 2D simplex descriptors with vertexes labeled by element -in input.sdf -o output.txt -in input.rdf -o output.txt

----- -h

See wiki pages for more information and examples -

You need to standardize your structures before simplex descriptors calculation.

BSD 3-clause

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version 1.1.0 (26.07.2016)
1) new canonicalization algorithm was implemented that changed descriptors names (break compatibility with older versions)

version 1.1.1 (20.02.2017)
1) multiprocessing calculation of descriptors was implemented for single molecules and svm output format only (sparse format)
2) per atom fragmentation was added