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Receive data from Max 6 (Max/MSP) in Java
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This class is used for receiving data from Max 6 to Java.

Known Bugs

  • Can't use values higher than 65535. 65536 is 0. 65537 is 1 and so on.
  • Doesn't like negative values. -1 is 65535. -2 is 65534 and so on.
  • Can't use floats or doubles. Only accepts Integers from Max.
  • Only support local use. (IP:

How to use

Use the as an example

  • Create a new instance of the class with the port number as variable. ReceiveFromMax returnData = new ReceiveFromMax(7400);

  • Java will create the connection and wait for Max to send a new variable.

  • When the variable is received, it can be accessed using getReturnData(). returnData.getReturnData();

Max 6 compressed code

Paste this code into a new Max Patch to try it out.


320.3ocmRErSCCCC8b5WQjOWpZFC1fa7cfPSoMlsL0kTkjNFLs+cRbaGcHDC wEGYmW764mywLFTYOfdf+H+YNicLiwnRoBrgbFrSdntQ5IXfoaWE5f79qrcg FLDduE66AnMAHmCURyZf+x.pVYndi1rdkCqC8.EKdnnLmKlKRG2UlhyhwyuQ qH5rUau41Q1d0ZBF4NhK3ImV1.mYvEqGP2JzHqZHDkC2EUr1DUIoewjV40eP .EyJlfsejHvyREOkkkB4+U+AeKp4QcEvCz.CcpVOZTQtVTDGyBAew7xR35Fz RQuO8qNj35Nz+2EJm3BD4Pi178OMzDjpeo03sct5w+FC6R9WifB8AsQFzVyD LhKvrQqTnY5BUo8ocr5mEmrscO57CsjDRbCs05Ro2mSoZSeJ0Qvg60i3Wlk5 1orOA7Dj3NN


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