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See it live at:

What does it do?

This is my personal homepage. It appears every time I open a new window. It searches on several places and has links to places I frequent. The color scheme is quite dark because I generally like to open a new window and just leave it there... and I don't like bright colors taking attention away from what I'm actually doing.


Some of the benefits that this page bring is that:

On google search, you always use regardless of your country of origin. You never see "related content" from your twitter people or stuff like that. You are always on safe search off mode.

On google images: The same as google search.

Another interesting thing is the "get" button. With this one you get a clean link to what you are searching to be shared with friends (or enemies, who knows). For instance, just go to google images and search for something. You'll see the address bar is filled with strange queries that don't even affect results. Even worse, if you search again, more queries are ADDED to your original query (not replaced). So after searching for several things, you wanna share that link... it's gonna be huge and "leak" information like your resolution screen unnecessarily.

Also, everything is responsive. That means you can use this page in any resolution, in your iPad, mobile phone. Whatever. Go crazy.

Integrating it with your browser

The idea is that you set your homepage (whatever it is that appears when you open a new window) to this page. In Firefox go to Preferences > General > Home Page and paste the URL there ( ). On Chrome go to Preferences > On startup > Open a specific page or set of pages > Paste The URL there

On Firefox you can even go beyond and go to about:config > browser.newtab.url > Change value to

Customize to your needs

If there are links you'd like to point to other places, or perhaps integrate with other search engines; fork it, change it, upload it and enjoy it!

You can use the files on src/ directly or you can install grunt and use ./make.rb to compress everything into a single HTML for improved performance.


Search and go. Personal Homepage composed of search fields and links.






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