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galNum & galFly

This project generates two bookmarklets that make viewing images on the internet easier.

For a description and "installation" of these bookmarklets, check (or index.html in this project)


  • Ruby
  • Node

On project root run:

mkdir dist temp .tmp
npm install -g gulp-cli
npm install


The two bookmarklets share CSS and JS, namely

  • src/_gal-ui.scss
  • src/node_modules/gal-ui.js

And then each bookmarklet has its specific code at

  • src/galFly
  • src/galNum

Running local versions

For galFly:

gulp serve:fly

For galNum

gulp serve:num


They both share a similar file structure, explained below


First code run on the page, this will gather all the images and webms present in the page which is the source of the gallery created afterwards.

Also you will find seemingly interpolated information in the form of {{html}}, this is used in the "compiling" process by make.rb


This is an emulation of what would happen if bookmarklet.js ran on a page full of images. It's easier to prototype on top of already present data.

Other forms of interpolation are present also to be changed by make.rb to make resources inline for the bookmarklet.


Specific bookmarklet code. It requires selector and gal-ui shared code


Specific bookmarklet styling. It @imports _gal-ui.scss shared code.

stringified.js (only for galFly)

Array with a list of image sources, which would actually be generated by bookmarklet.js. galNum does not need this since it only needs a numeric progression and a single URL is hardcoded for development.


After making your changes you can generate the new versions with


And following the instructions