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Youtube search by duration

With this handy script you can filter many youtube searches and get videos of a specific length you choose (between a minimum and maximum duration) and then display the results in an HTML document.

The Why

I wanted to do some indoor bike for a specific amount of time and watch a video of roughly that same length. I searched for a tool to do this and I couldn't find results even related to what I was looking for. Youtube's current filter of "short <4 minutes" and "long >20 minutes" was not specific enough, so it was time to go to the drawing board and create my own solution!

This will be useful if you have an activity that lasts a specific time and want to find videos of that length according to your interests.


  • Ruby
  • NPM

Run these commands:

gem install nokogiri
npm install
npm install -g gulp-cli


Edit search-config.yml to your liking, the parameters are:

  • min_time: Minimum video duration
  • max_time: Maximum video duration
  • keywords: List of all the search queries for which to find videos

After you have set your preferences, run:


And wait for the script to scrape youtube for the information. It will look like this:


After it's ready, run:

gulp serve

To see the results in your browser! Which will roughly look like this:


If you'd like to upload the results to your server, run gulp build and check the ./dist folder