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Bienvenue sur le dépôt du site

Si vous avez envie de contribuer au site, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

La contribution ce n'est pas que du code, il y a de quoi faire pour tout le monde :).

Merci pour votre aide !


To use with Docker:

  • Docker
  • Docker compose

To use outside of Docker:

  • Composer

Scripts inside the scripts folder don't have dependencies on Docker. So its could be executed outside of a Docker environment.

Some adjustment in configuration files may be required.


If using Docker with the default provided configuration, you will have:

Note: You have to adapt your DNS configuration to inform your computer to search for local websites.

For example, you can edit your /etc/hosts file and add an entry like:  web.drupalfr8.docker.localhost varnish.drupalfr8.docker.localhost mail.drupalfr8.docker.localhost


Make sure to check the project wiki on Github to know how to install the project and all to contribute.