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Drupal D8 Developer Training - April 2016 (NYC) 🎉 🚀

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/mirie/2016-april-d8-training-exercise

Your first Drupal 8 module!

About the Drupal Developer Training

Important Links


As part of April 2016's Global Drupal Training Day, we are hosting a Drupal Developer training day on April 9th.

Participants in the training will go through the steps involved in running and developing a simple module and learn about the new Drupal development landscape. This simple module is based on Ted Bowman's Role Notices training module.

To get started on the tutorial, go to the Tutorial.

Thank You!

This training would not have been possible without the help from:

Before you Get Started

Before you start the tutorial, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Make sure you have a partner. We will be pair programming today! Pair programming is a method of programming in which two people work together at one keyboard. One person, "the driver", types at the keyboard. The other person, "the observer" (or "navigator") reviews each line of code as it is typed, checking for errors and thinking about the overall design. For more information, see: What is pair programming?
  2. Once you have a partner, choose one computer to use for the training. It will make things easier to build off the code you're writing together.
  3. Decide who will be the driver and who will be the navigator for the first chunk of work.
  4. Make sure to talk! Talk a lot!!!
  5. Switch roles often — at least every half hour.
  6. Go to: http://www.stackstarter.io/spin and enter the provided spin code for today.
  7. Ok, now you can get started with the tutorial!