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.travis dcz-98: Add SSH keys to travis. Sep 30, 2017
blt dcz-134: Use phantomjs as webdriver for behat. Oct 27, 2018
console/cache Prevent fail on Gathering patches for root package. Aug 26, 2017
content Better development experience (add default content) (#222) Jun 10, 2018
drush dcz-134: Update Drush aliases for Drush 9. Oct 27, 2018
hooks/common dcz-134: Cloud hooks: Fix maintenance_mode and enable config import. Nov 3, 2018
patches dcz-74: BLT's readme files. Sep 30, 2017
tests #134 Fixes for BLT Sep 25, 2018
LICENSE convert drupal project to use composer + update core to 8.3.2 and upd… May 31, 2017
composer.json dcz-238: Require drupal/cleantalk. Refs #238. Nov 4, 2018
composer.lock dcz-238: Require drupal/cleantalk. Refs #238. Nov 4, 2018
phpcs.xml.dist #134 Fixes for BLT Sep 25, 2018
salt.txt dcz-74: Misc files generated by BLT. Sep 30, 2017


Drupal.cz community website

Build status

Branch Build status Dev site HTTP Basic auth
Master Build Status http://stage.drupal.cz drupal / cz
Develop Build Status http://dev.drupal.cz drupal / cz


  • blt/ - Settings for Acquia BLT.
  • config/ - Exported Drupal configutation.
  • console/ - Cache folder for Drupal Console. ()
  • docroot/ - Website root directory.
  • drush/ - Drush aliases and other rutiens.
  • hooks/ - Acquia cloud hooks. (See https://docs.acquia.com/cloud/manage/cloud-hooks )
  • patches/ - Our custom patches. (But we prefer linking drupal.org.)
  • reports/ - PHP Unit results.
  • tests/ - Collection of tests for Travis CI and local development.
  • .gitignore - Gitignore - be sure to check your own local gitignore so you don't commit your IDE's tmp files.
  • .travis.yml - Travis CI test suite configuration.


Getting the site up and running.

  • Get your copy of the code:
  • Prepare your database and fill the credentials into your new local config.
    • cp docroot/sites/default/settings/default.local.settings.php docroot/sites/default/settings/local.settings.php
    • edit this config: docroot/sites/default/settings/local.settings.php
  • Install the site (it will use the Drupal.cz distribution).
    • composer install
    • If this is first time you are setting up BLT, run composer run-script blt-alias
    • blt setup:git-hooks (Learn more about BLT: https://blt.readthedocs.io/)
    • cd docroot
    • drush si minimal --existing-config
    • Login to new site:
    • drush uli
  • If you want to have some default content for your development,
    • drush dcdi
    • drush cr
    • Poznámka pro české vývojáře:
      • Na stránce Články (http://dcz.localhost/clanky) se nezobrazují články, protože nefunguje korektně import views reference fieldu (bug v modulu a v Drupal core, co čeká na vyřešení). Ručně je třeba na stránce /node/46/edit jít do paragraphs Layout, kliknout na Edit, kliknout Edit u paragrafu typu View reference a do položky View reference vepsat slovo "Articles".
      • To samé na stránce Komunity (/node/171/edit) opravit views referenci "User directory".
      • Než se vyřeší problém v Travis, je třeba nastavit homepage. Na stránce /admin/config/system/site-information nastavte Front page na hodnotu /drupal-cz.