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libdspl-2.0 free digital signal processing algorithm library

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libdspl-2.0 — opensource cross-platform digital signal processing algorithm library, written in C language. Distributed under LGPL v3 license. This allows to use this library in all applications with dynamic linking.

libdspl-2.0 includes follow algorithms sets:

  • Digital spectral analysis, discrete and fast Fourier transform algorithms.
  • Analog and digital IIR filters design and analysis.
  • Digital FIR filters design and analysis.
  • Windows function collection includes 15 different parametric and nonparametric window functions.
  • Digital Hilbert transform algorithms.
  • Mathematical sections includes trigonometric, hyperbolic, elliptic functions of real and complex variables.
  • Pseudorandom numbers generation algorithms.
  • Statistic functions.
  • Linear algebra BLAS and LAPACK packages are used under the hood.
  • Digital resampling algorithms.

Build and run libdspl-2.0

To build the DSPL-2.0 library on Windows, a special set of programs dsplib toolchain is provided. Dsplib toolchain includes GCC, Gnuplot, CodeBlocks IDE, file manager Far and also Unix utilities for Windows OS.

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