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A MS-DOS QuickBASIC/QBasic-like IDE for Visual Basic code that's powered by the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn").
Visual Basic
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A MS-DOS QuickBASIC/QBasic-like IDE for Visual Basic code that's powered by the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn").


Welcome to the QuickVB project page!

On the 50th anniversary of BASIC, the members of the Microsoft Visual Basic team released a fun sample - it looks like QuickBASIC/QBasic, but it's a .NET console app that lets you write modern Visual Basic code. QuickVB shows off several APIs from the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn"), which is where they've reimplemented the Visual Basic compiler in Visual Basic itself.

Since the original post, they had enough feedback that they decided to release QuickVB as an open-source project! (This was done using CodePlex - which has since been "shutdown".)

There's a lot of work left to be done to turn this sample into an environment (IDE) where you can really spend some quality time! Some key features that are left:

  • Opening/saving of arbitrary files and projects - pretty important for an editor (WIP)
  • Support for navigating around large projects and adding/removing code files
  • General perf improvements when working on multi-file programs like the QuickVB solution itself
  • QuickBasic compatibility library, to ease porting of classic programs like GORILLA.BAS (WIP)

This is where this GitHub project comes in; it serves to re-ignite and continue this effort...

  • Move to latest release of "Roslyn"
  • Move to newer version of .NET (currently set to 4.5)
  • Migrate from being a "demo" to a full-featured (for a Console app) IDE
  • Match menus and other UI elements to original QuickBASIC IDE (WIP)
  • Improve ConsoleGUI to support "popup" windows; needed for additional functionality
  • Improve ConsoleGUI to support activation of additional panels (help)
  • Integrate "help" with online Microsoft documentation
  • Enable "Roslyn" by default
  • Actually port GORILLA.BAS as an included sample
  • Remove "self-editing".

Currently it may be necessary to install the following in order to get running (depending on what you currently already have on your PC):

  • Microsoft Build Tools 2013 - required by the v0.7 version of "Roslyn". (This might be resolved in a future update by including MSBuild in the application.)

QuickVB Features

All of the features below are powered by the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") APIs. To see them light up, click Enable Roslyn on the Options menu.

  • Semantic code colorization (powered by Roslyn's Classification API)
  • Completion lists (powered by Roslyn's Recommendations API)
  • Compiler diagnostics (powered by Roslyn's Diagnostics API)


Many thanks to the authors of the 2014 release:

  • Alex Turner
  • Ian Halliday
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