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Clone of Microsoft Windows Solitaire circa Windows XP (in VB.NET).
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Clone of Microsoft Windows Solitaire circa Windows XP (in VB.NET).

This version pays tribute to arguably the most played game... ever.

The simplest way to get started with the code is to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (It's FREE!).

The bulk of this work is based on, in part, the C# version that was made available on GotDotNet. After working through to convert this code (circa 2005) to VB.NET, fixing several bugs and adding missing features, it was published to

The following information is taken from the original announcement of making the code available.

Here's a quick list of some differences:

  • Added XP Visual Styles support.
  • Added persistent storage (code is capable of using Windows logo compliant storage or Isolated storage)
  • Fixed: When less than three cards remaining on the left and then clicking to see them, some cards from below in the pile show through.
  • Added context help on the dialogs and integration with the associated Windows help files (Not sure if this will work on Windows 98 or not).
  • Added checking the minimum size to the main window.
  • Added persisting location and size of the main window.

Additionally, I'd like to give credit to the following for their work on the C# version that this is originally based: Christine Morin and Chris Sells.

Unfortunately, the C# version may be lost to history when GotDotNet closed down. :-(

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