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A project to create a faithful clone of the original Rogue game; in Visual Basic for .NET Core via live-coding sessions on
Visual Basic
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License: MIT

A Rogue clone written in Visual Basic.

(Join us for the live-coding streams every Tuesday 8pm central at !!!!)

Rogue - Welcome


The purpose of this project is as a learning device to...

  • learn fundamental programming techniques.
  • write a game.
  • use Visual Basic.
  • work as a team (OSS).
  • and do so using

This project is for those with little to no knowledge of programming as well as those whom have tons of experience and everyone in between. The idea is to have fun while both learning and lending knowledge along the way.

Some of this collaboration is taking place through live-coding sessions that take place every Tuesday 8pm central.

NOTE: The purpose of this project is not to create a "rogue-like"; rather, we are using the original Rogue for inspiration and as a target design to build a project for the purposes of learning. Once we have a "finished product"; where it goes from there is anyones guess... until then, we have a target that can be held steady. ;-)

Some Specifics

  • Use the latest version of VB.
  • Building for .NET Core 3.x (current pre-release).
  • "UI" will be a Console application.

Folder Structure

  • Documents - Contains reference materials for writing a rogue clone.
  • Prototyping - Contains various prototypes that serve to experiment with ideas/techniques that can be leveraged to write the actual game.
  • Rogue-likes - Contains several examples I've come across that demonstrate a "rogue-like" experience; including these examples for information purposes.

Found a bug?

Please file any issues at

Coding Style

Although not 100% determined at this point, we will start by attempting to adhere to the guidelines as defined:




  • Visual Studio 2019 (we are using the Community Edition)

To develop do the following:

  • TBD
  • Press F5 to debug

To test do the following: TBD


We will start by attempting to follow the same contribution process that corefx is using.

To discuss topics in "realtime", you can find many of us hanging out at between broadcasts; and, of course, you can join us for the live-coding streams!


The official source is available on and licensed under the MIT license.


This project is inspired/influenced in part by:

  • Rogue (Epyx) circa early-to-mid-1980's

Technology references:

  • TBD

Logo by TBD.

Additional Resource

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