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Repository for testing repolinter rules
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Repolinter Test Project

NetflixOSS Lifecycle

This is a test project for evaluating custom rules for Repolinter

Command Line Linting Of All Projects In A Repo

(You'll need jq installed for this bit, I was able to do this with brew install jq)

If you want to lint all your org's repos locally, you can iterate over the list of repos and clone them using the following one-liner:

curl -s | jq .[].ssh_url | xargs -n 1 git clone

I recommend doing this in a directory you use only for this purpose (I used ~/Working/)

If you have many large repositories, that may have taken some time.

Before running repolinter, copy the repolint.json file into the ~/Working/ directory (or your Home directory).

You can generate a report for each of the cloned repos by running the following one-liner from within your local copy of repolinter:

echo > results.txt;for i in ~/Working/*/;do node bin/repolinter.js "$i" >> results.txt; echo >> results.txt;done;cat results.txt

(Note, this assumes you've cloned everything into ~/Working/ like I did)


I learned the curl one-liner from This Article by Kevin Simpler



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