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A News Reader as a webapp', bundled with a system for frequent checks of news, and a notifier system using mails, push notifications & pushbullet. Android and iOS apps available!
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A News Reader as a webapp' using apscheduler for frequent checks of news, and a notifier system using mails, pushbullet or push notifications for Android & iOS mobile apps.

The current version is running here.

The Android app is available here. The iOS app is available here.

How to?

Goto tl;dr or start below.


We will use the virtualenv way, assuming you have python 3, pip 3 & virtualenv installed, python is an alias for python3 and pip is an alias for pip3.

  • First, create a virtual environment with virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 --no-site-packages ng-notifier.
  • Second, enter the VE using cd ng-notifier; source bin/activate.
  • Third, clone the repository with git clone web.

The directory structure should now look like this:


You will now have to install requirements for this project. Proceed with the following command: cd web; pip install -r requirements.txt (it may take a while).


Now you have to set up your own settings in ngnotifier/ file, just rename the file provided.

Things you must/may modify:

  • SECRET_KEY (Generate a new one, google guys)
  • DEBUG (Set to True or False)
  • TEMPLATE_DEBUG (Set to True or False)
  • DATABASES (You may use something else than sqlite3)
  • STATIC_URL (website.comSTATIC_URL)
  • SEND_FROM_POSTER (Pay attention to this parameter, you must have your own mail server else your provider may refuse your emails)
  • FROM_ADDR (Will be used if SEND_FROM_POSTER is False)
  • mail_conf (Fill in all parameters)
  • SECONDS_DELTA (Seconds between 2 news checks)
  • hosts (Set up all hosts you want)
  • users (A variable to regiter default accounts - usefull for dev)


You are now able to install the application.

Just type python install and it will do everything for you :)

It may take a while if the server has a lot of news.

You now have a ready to run application.

Running the app

  • To run the server just type python runserver.
  • To execute tasks automatically, type python tasks


This project is maintained, and any pull request will be reviewed! Even for grammar mistakes, and PEP-8.


Execute this:

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 --no-site-packages ng-notifier;
cd ng-notifier;
source bin/activate;
git clone web;
cd web;
pip install -r requirements.txt;
cd ng-notifier;
"${EDITOR:-vi}" && cd ..

Here generate a key for SECRET_KEY (google guys). Leave others parameters as they are if you are in a hurry!

Save changes, and continue with:

python install

And you will now be able to launch your server with:

python runserver

Run the notifier with:

python tasks
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