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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
A tool to Launch, Update, and Install the Switch Emulator Ryujinx
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This Repository is archived

I archived this repository because no one else really has an interest in working on it, and I don't plan to continue, you can still use this but it is not guaranteed to work at all, especially with new versions of Ryujinx. Sorry for the inconvenience, if anyone wants to continue this project, you can go ahead and fork it, other than that, this is the end of this application. Consider looking at some of my other projects like Ryu64 The Nintendo64 Emulator (Named after the RyuJIT used in C#). Have a nice day everyone!

Ryujinx Auto Updater Build status


This is a program for updating, and launching the Switch emulator Ryujinx

How To Build

Install Visual Studio 2017 then open the "RyujinxAutoUpdate.sln", navigate to where it says "Debug" and click the drop down menu, change it to "Release", then navigate to Build -> Build Solution, then click it, after it gets finshed, open the file explorer to the directory where the repository is, then go into RyujinxAutoUpdate -> bin -> Release, copy all the files and folders there and paste them where ever you want the program to be.

To Run

Just click on the RyujinxAutoUpdate.exe

Pre Compiled Builds

Pre Compiled Builds are automatically made builds to get one just go here: Build status then go to the artifacts tab, there you will find a ZIP, just click on it, it will start downloading, after it's done open it with WinRAR or a similar program, then extract it to the folder you want the Application to be in, after that just double click on the EXE and you're done, congrats! If you want to update from a previous version just delete everything in the folder and then extract the new ZIP.


If you want to contribute anything, just open a PR, I am happy to accept changes and fixes, all additions are helpful!

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