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This project was created in accordance with The Odin Project: HTML/CSS mini project.


This project involved making a clone or look alike of the Google homepage. Participants were instructed to use browser developer tools to figure out the layout of the target site but were also encouraged to treat doing so as a last resort and to instead try to figure things out on their own as a sort of review of the knowledge gained in previous sections.

My take on it

It was a good way of practicalizing everything I had learnt up till that point, I gained valuable insight on positioning elements in a webpage especially centering, realized that dealing with inherited css properties tangled with user-agent css was a nighthmare and thus understood the importance of css resets and finding css property inheritance with dev tools.

Personal Highlights

One of the highlights of this project was when I got everything looking just right on Chrome and thought I was done only to open it on Edge and and see garbled nonsense, I eventually figured out that some Css properties I used were not Edge compatible but not after I'd restarted from scratch, and then I had to find properties that were compatible with a significant number of browser versions and rewrite my CSS.

And then I tried loading it on mobile... gooble-de-gok once again, luckily a few edits were all it took.

I felt particularly proud of myself when I got the search box to properly pipe the search terms to google.

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