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Optional Technology Status Notes Operating Procedure
Twitter Scheduled Use cellphone notifications as a queue 30mins at 9:30am and 8:30pm
LinkedIn Scheduled Remove from phone 30mins at 9:30am and 8:30pm
Buffer Open Use to capture and share ideas
Personal email Scheduled Remove from phone 30mins at 9:30am and 8:30pm
Business email Scheduled Use cellphone notifications as a queue 30mins at 9:30am and 8:30pm
Work email Limited Remove from phone Office hours only
Online Shopping (Amazon) Limited Remove from phone Only necessary purchases
Slack Limited Remove from phone Block after 5:00pm
Online banking Limited Remove from phone
Streaming(netflix) Limited Remove from phone Cannot watch alone
Podcasts Open Listen on commutes
Text messaging Limited Disable notifications on laptop Block for deep work
YouTube Limited Remove from phone Not used for entertainment
Cell phone Very Limited Out of reach 30 min avg usage per day
Instagram Banned DeleteAccount
Pinterest Banned DeleteAccount
Investing Apps Banned Remove from phone Check monthly
Credit monitoring Banned Remove from phone Check monthly
EverNote Banned Replace with pocketbook


Status Definition
Open Unlimited access, rely on judgement on time spent
Scheduled inaccessible until a specified time or only at a specified time
Limited reduced convenience and access
Very Limited reduced convenience and access, exercise willpower
Banned prevented from accessing

Scheduled Usage

Scheduled usage of optional technology is used to prevent those technologies from creeping into your life and stealing your time and scattering your attention. Twitter, LinkedIn, personal email, business email, and online shopping fit into the category of low-quality leisure. These optional technologies are not required, but do provide value. The goal is to maximize the value and minimize the distraction caused by using them. To do so a schedule must be put in place. Specify a time when the tools become accessible or specify a time when you can use the tools.

low-quality leisure schedule examples:

# accessible after X time.
Block usage until 8:00pm everyday of the week.

# only accessible during X time.
Only accessible during my lunch break.


  • Keep these technologies off your cell phone
  • Make these technologies hard to get to
    • use website blocking browser extensions
    • use application blocking software
  • Understand these are optional technologies
    • No one will die if you don't check Twitter.
    • That email can wait from the recruiter.
    • This isn't the best use of your time, fight the urge to be constantly connected.
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