Integration of ListNav JQuery plugin into Datatables
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Integration of ListNav JQuery plugin into Datatables

Third Parties :


Options are specified as a DataTables option, in an object called oListNav:

var oTable = $('#example').dataTable( {
	"sDom": 'Zlfrtip',
	"oListNav": {
		iIndex: 1,
        sIdList: "lnList",
        sWrapperClass : null,
        fRetreiveFirstLetters : null,
        sAllWord : 'All',
        sLetterClass : "btn abcdaire",
        sLetterDisabledClass : "btn abcdaire disabled"
} );

The possible options are:

  • iIndex - index on which the filter is applied ( it starts at 0) .
  • sIdList - id for div of listnav.
  • sWrapperClass - class for wrapper container.
  • fRetreiveFirstLetters - function which return an array with first letters use with bServerSide = true.
  • sAllWord - Translate the 'all' word in your language if you need.
  • sLetterClass - class used for letters.
  • sLetterDisabledClass - class used for letters not found.


Github offers ways to contribute code, write documentation, submit issues, suggest features, etc. Go !


DT_ListNav is released with dual licensing, using the GPL v2 ( and the MIT license ( Please see the corresponding license file for details of these licenses. You are free to use, modify and distribute this software, but all copyright information must remain.