dlFilter is a text filtering script for mIRC. It is created with both chat and file sharing channels in mind. dlFilter removes ads, requests, annoying KeepTrack, mp3 play & away messages and much more. Also, dlFilter can send notices from fileservers to separate window and group @find results, allowing them to be easily viewed.
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Sophist-UK Various fixes and tweaks
Allow DCC Send resumes when running a file-server by not halting CTCP
Don't send ctcp to query window
Don't echo notices to active window
Don't echo anything to active windows which are custom windows unless an
ochat window.
Fix DCC Get resume reported bytes received when no bytes were received.
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dlFilter.mrc - Filter out messages on file sharing channels

Authors: DukeLupus and Sophist


dlFilter is a text filtering script for mIRC. It is created with file sharing channels in mind.

In 2017, dlFilter has received a significant upgrade from the previous major release 1.16 with significant new functionality, which we hope will encourage strong take-up.

Feedback on this new version is appreciated. Now that dlFilter is hosted on Github, we welcome contributions of bug fixes and further improvement from the community.

Help & Support

For full help and support, please read our Wiki.

To report issues or suggest improvements create an issue here on Github. If you have a Github account you can create it directly, otherwise you can use GitReports to create it anonymously.

Change log

The change log can be viewed here.