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An open source Java implementation of Cube World's server.

Status: Clients will connect (if it's the correct version) and be dropped into a world, be welcomed, and entity updates can be sent. There is MultiWorld Support and PVP is almost done!

Snapshot builds are (temporarily) available at

Building and running

If you are using Maven from the commandline, simply run mvn clean package. The jar will be in the "target" folder.

If you are using Eclipse first install the m2e (Maven to Eclipse) plugin then:

  1. Import the project from File -> Import -> Project from Git.
  2. When asked, import as a general project.
  3. Right click on the project, select Configure -> Convert to a Maven Project.
  4. Have fun :)

If you are using IntelliJ or any other Maven-enabled IDE, the project should work out of the box.

Special Thanks

Mat^2 - structures and data (

Uwee - packet 13 variables

Questions? Comments? Want to contribute to us? Contact us at #glydar-dev on .