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Performant Electronic Program Guide for Android based on the power of Recyclerview

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The fastest EPG library on Earth!

Link to your project from Mavencentral

implementation 'genericepg.duna.project:tvepg:1.0.0'

This is a "classic" TV EPG which works on tablets and phones and allows you to scroll in all directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). Features:

  • clicks can be handled on each program
  • now indicator, that scrolls to current time when cklicked
  • high performance rendering using the power of the RecyclerView.
  • tested with ONE month of 100 channels, using Nexus 5 - runs flawlessly
  • diagonally scrolling
  • smooth scrolling

Example project is located in repo. Click the image below to watch the demo.


Thats basically it. If you want to use it in your project, you need resources from the example project as well as the EPG package for it to work. If you have any questions or such don't hesitate to contact me.

Good luck!

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