Improved international keyboard layouts for Xorg and Linux virtual consoles.
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This repository contains improved international keyboard layouts for Xorg, linuxs virtual console.



$ loadkeys us us-leah2-intl


# setxkbmap -layout 'us(altgr-intl),de(nodeadkeys)' \
   -option 'grp:alt_shift_toggle,compose:menu'
# xmodmap ~/us-leah2-intl.xmodmap

us-intl and us-altgr-intl

us-intl and us-altgr-intel are layouts based on Xorgs us(intl) and us(altgr-intl), respectively.


This layout is based on and extends Xorgs us(intl) or us(altgr-intl) layouts.

CapsLock is used as additional modifier.

With CapsLock held these already do what they say if you press
them *as usual on the German* keyboard:
  ^ ä ö ü ß { [ ] } ! " § $ % & / ( ) = ? ` @ µ €

What this layout does is define these shortcuts, so you only need
  q@ e€ aä AÄ oö OÖ uü uÜ sß mµ 5€ 8( 9)

Additionally, we bind caps-hjkl to vi-style cursor keys, and HJKL to
Home, Next, Up, End.

Additionally, these typographic features:
. is ellipsis, shift-. is midpoint, alt-. is irony.
- is en-dash, shift-- is em-dash.
! is interrobang.
space is visible space, shift-space is nonbreaking space.
alt-s is long s, alt-y is ezh.