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@jecisc jecisc released this Oct 29, 2019

v2.2.0 (2019-10-29)

New features

  • Table widget - A component to describe the columns of a table instead of giving collection of rows (0f40cd36)
  • Expansion panel - As brush or widget (7bc5485f) (af0681f6) (e68f6c17)
  • Create some predefined alerts in MDL extensions (5c0f9005)

Bug fixes

  • Correct doc on accent color for pagination (3898d656)
  • MDLCalendarWidget active month and year are not highlighted (4306af2c)


  • Add go top button in demos (87264b2f)
  • Increase session duration of demo (08f6b70f)
  • Improve menu demo to add anchors (4ec06492)
  • Demo Use class comments as descriptions (3eb85414)
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