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What is Duplica?

Duplica is an iPhone and iPad app that allow to mirror and share your device's screen (and audio) to a guest in an easy and fast way.

How does Duplica Work?

Once the app is installed and started, a Duplica Link is generated. The Duplica Link is the way to grant the secure access to your screen mirroring and must be shared with the guest. With the Duplica Link the guest will be able to watch your shared screen in a web browser in real time.

Which devices are supported?

Duplica is compatible with:

  • Chromecast
  • Any modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)

Because Duplica uses the browser as destination of a shared iPhone screen, it is compatible with any device that has a browser:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Smart TV

Where can I download Duplica?

You can download Duplica to mirror the screen of the iPhone or iPad remotely from the Apple App Store

You can find more information about how to share the display of iPhone

Where can I find a tutorial?

Here you can find a detailed guide on how to share the screen of iOs device using the app Duplica.

How is Duplica different from AirPlay?

Duplica is different from Apple AirPlay because AirPlay works only in a local network, Duplica instead works over internet so it is possible to share the screen to a viewer that lives in the other part of the world.

Do Duplica Links expire?

A Duplica Link changes every time the app is closed (from background). However it is possible to get a new Duplica Link without closing the app clicking on the button "Renew" in the streaming view of the app

Is Duplica free?

Anyone can download Duplica, share a session and invite to watch it using the Free plan. The Free plan has some limitations (see section Pricing) that can be removed subscribing the Plus plan. Occasionally we offer the Free plan without limitations for a limited period of time.

How can I subscribe the Plus plan?

The Duplica Plus plan is available as in-app purchase in the Apple App Store.

Is Duplica available for Android also?

No, currently Duplica is available only for iOs devices (iPhone and iPad).

Can I share multiple devices to a single computer?

Yes it is possible share multiple devices to a single computer screen by generating a Duplica Link on each device and share them with the computer (open them in a separate web browser tab or windows).

Can I share the screen of my device to multiple computers?

No, currently it is possible to share the screen of the iPhone or iPad to only one device at time

Why the app says it's recording?

This is the way the iPhone/iPad warns you that you are sharing your video with someone. We don't record any information about the content of the stream on our servers.

Can I share the screen with a device that is not in my network?

Yes it is possible for the web sharing. For the sharing to a Chromecast it is mandatory that the source device and the Chromecast are in the same local network.

Can I share the screen using the cellular network?

Yes it is possible for the web sharing.

It is possible to have a special version for my Business?

Yes it is possible. For pricing and conditions send an email to