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Zilliqa Mining Proxy

A mining proxy between Zilliqa CPU nodes and GPU mining rigs. This proxy only runs on a machine with a public IP address. The public IP address is required for both the Zilliqa CPU nodes and GPU mining rigs to connect to it.

Setup architecture

The setup architecture is illustrated in the image shown below. All communications amongst these three parties are via the JSON-RPC protocol.


  • The CPUs in the CPU cluster will be running the Zilliqa clients to process transactions and carry out the pBFT consensus to receive rewards.
  • The GPU rigs in the GPU cluster will run the Zilminer software to do the PoW process and provide PoW solutions to CPU cluster via the Mining proxy server.
  • The Mining proxy server will process the mining request from the CPU cluster and handle the Mining Register/Response from the GPU cluster.

Installation & Usage

  1. Install Python3.7.2+ and MongoDB

  2. Clone Zilliqa-Mining-Proxy, and setup the Python dependencies:

    git clone
    cd Zilliqa-Mining-Proxy
    sudo python3.7 develop
  3. Change the settings in the pool.conf file for the following:

    # settings to change for zilpool
      host: # key in your machine's internal/private IP
      port: 4202 # key in the port you are using for CPU nodes' Zilliqa clients
      path: /api # key in the path for connecting to zilpool
      uri: "mongodb://"
      # For more details, refer to:
  4. Find out the public IP address of this machine:


    You will be required to connect the Zilliqa CPU nodes running the Zilliqa Clients and the mining rigs running Zilminers to this proxy server's public IP address.

    • For the Zilliqa CPU nodes, you have to edit the constants.xml file REMOTE_MINE and MINING_PROXY_URL parameter:
    • For the GPU mining rigs, you have to change the input proxy_ip to this public IP address when setting up the Zilminers.
  5. Run Zilliqa proxy server



Mining Proxy between Zilliqa Nodes and Miners







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