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Links API.AI Interface Interface for the MVC: Links Mark II AI on Windows.


  • Unzip files into links scripts folder.
  • Enter your API.Ai Client Key in the config.ini file.
  • Enter shell command into Links

Links Shell Command

Enter this command in Links Shell tab

  • Command: api bot {that=test_dictation}
  • Response: {{!Action!}}
  • Action: -ret"%AppData%\LINKS\Customization\Scripts\linksapi.exe" "{that}"
  • Profile: main

Or if you have Python 2.7 installed

  • Command: api bot {that=test_dictation}
  • Response: {{!Action!}}
  • Action: -ret"python" "%AppData%\LINKS\Customization\Scripts\" "{that}"
  • Profile: main


  • User: api bot hello whats up
  • ApiBot: Hello! How are you today?
  • User: api bot whats the weather today in florida
  • ApiBot: The weather in .... blah blah


Created by: traBpUkciP

Buy Me a Coffee at

Let me know if you have any requests/questions/complaints and I'll try to get to you all as soon as I can. Have fun :)

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