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Trx Checker

Script for verifying the parameters generated by Trx.

All relevant information about Trx can be found on:

Verification consists of two parts:

  • SlothUnicorn verification: Check if sloth hash generated by Trx is indeed generated from given tweets and image files.
  • Trx verification: Check if generated elliptic curve parameters are OK.

For running the script, you need Python, Sage and Magma installed.

  • Script is implemented in Python.
  • Sage is used because of its interface to Magma.
  • Magma is used for SEA algorithm, because the SEA implementation in Sage does not support early abort and this is huge efficiency problem.

Following command runs the script:

sage -python

For available options add '-h'. There is one mandatory command line argument:

  • the name of the directory where all the needed files are located. Optional arguments are:
  • -t NUM_THREADS, set number of threads to be used
  • -ss, skip verification of Sloth
  • -sc, skip verification of curve parameters
  • -r , use the information from rejected_curves file in process of curve parameter verification(this will speed up the verification)

Script expects to find given directory in curve_parameters directory, so if you want to check parameters for one of the curves published on the website (, just download the corresponding .zip file end extract it to the curve_parameters directory.

Example: Check parameters for curve located in dir '128_664'
sage -python 128_664

The result will be dumped in the same directory in the file named 'trx_checker_output.txt'

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