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How to compile and install

mkdir /tmp/build-sdcv
cd /tmp/build-sdcv
cmake path/to/source/code/of/sdcv

if you enable nls then you should also type

make lang

to install type

make install

you can use “DESTDIR” variable to change installation path


See sdcv man page for usage description.


To report bugs use , if it is not possible you can report it via email to dushistov at mail dot ru. Be sure to include the word “sdcv” somewhere in the “Subject:” field.

Notes to developer

make source code release

make package_source

update translation

cd po
xgettext -k_ ../src/*.cpp -o new.pot
msgmerge -U sdcv.pot new.pot
rm new.pot
for i in `ls *.po`; do msgmerge -U $i sdcv.pot; done
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