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Version 0.5
- add option to colorize output
- Roman Imankulov's patch to better use of readline
- Fix build with modern compilers
- Fix work on CPU with align issues, like ARM and SPARC (thanks to Michal Čihař )
- Migrate to C++11 and CMake (so at now archive with code 180K->54K)
- Update Russian translation
Version 0.4.3
- fix build problems with gcc 4.x
- French translation, thanks to Vincent Petry <>
- Slovak translation update, thanks to Ivan Masár <>
- Add Czech translation, thanks to Michal Čihař <>
Version 0.4.2
* Cache scheme has been rewritten, size of cache has been reduced
* Merge with stardict, speedup of lookup, and add full-text search
* Russian translation update
Version 0.4.1
* Recreate cache if idx file was modified
* Abbility to use pager(SDCV_PAGER)
* Add Chinese (traditional) translation
* Add Ukrainian translation
Version 0.4
* Fix several bugs
* libstardict by default linked statically with sdcv
* Add a Simplified Chinese translation
* documentation update
* add ability to use readline library with sdcv
* add ability hold history in ~/.sdcv_history
Version 0.3.4
* Fix bug of handling of fuzzy search
* More clever showing search results
Version 0.3.3
* Fix bug in using -u option
* Update Slovak translation
Version 0.3.2
* Fix bug in Dictionary::load for correct work with gzip'ed idx files
* Add Slovak translation
* Change format of output for -l option
Version 0.3.1
* Fix bug in Lib::Lookup, which cause SF and other problems in search
* Change installation procedure to install with libstardict headers files,
* to help compile any application with libstardict
* Documentation update
Version 0.3
* update libstardict, make search in dictionaries and loading of dictionaries
* add --data-dir option
* -u, --use-dict now take bookname as argument, not a name of 'ifo' file
* documentation update and improve
Version 0.2
* Add autoconf, automake, gettext support.
* Divide package into two parts: libstardict and sdcv by it self.
* Add options for:
* search word in special dictionary
* get list of dictionaries
* for using in scripts